Website Development

Modern website structure, styling, and functionality

We review your objectives and confirm our recommendations for the website.

  • New and improved design: A great looking modern website that presents your brand and information in an authoritative and dynamic way – to prospective and current clients
  • More website traffic: Attract search recognition by structuring the content to meet criteria that improves search ranking (Search Engine Optimisation – SEO)
  • More conversions: Incorporate useful and engaging content – with clear calls to action as appropriate
  • Admin access: the website will be accessible and easy to amend, including by staff
Requirements often include:

  • Domain
    • Access to registrar required if domain already registered
    • We can register – using client or our master registrar account
  • Hosting
    • For server storage + access to website, and Emails as required
    • Including auto backups – with quick restore system
    • Created with our provider – ideally, for technical – speed and security reasons
    • Or full access to existing provision
  • WordPress website structure
    • Latest WordPress Content Management System (CMS)
    • Theme (design tools)
    • Plugins (software) for on-page SEO, security, forms, website speed optimisation, and optional functionality
  • Updating structure software to latest versions
    • Quarterly or when appropriate
    • For functionality and security reasons
  • Modern design & layouts
    • Create design relating to branding and content
    • Incorporating agreed content and design requirements
    • Easy to navigate
    • Content Search
    • Responsively (fluid) display on desktop and mobile devices
    • Contact buttons and form to encourage conversions
    • Layouts based on content and responsive display
Other options include:

  • Ecommerce
  • Dynamic search & filter functionality
  • Membership access to content if applicable – free, paid, subscription
  • Complex forms
  • Custom post types or functionality
  • IT requirements e.g. separate MS Exchange email hosting
  • Staff training – for content updates – Loom recorded video
  • Learning Management System – for online courses
  • Contact Management System integration with website + forms
Website Development