The story based content framework

Inviting your clients into a story where they are the hero, is a powerful option for your content marketing strategy.


This approach cuts through the overwhelming noise of conventional advertising and content, by placing the customer at the heart of a compelling narrative.

Character: The customer is the central character, not the business. Understanding their perspective is key to creating a connection.

Problem: The narrative must clearly define the customer's problem, addressing any of the external (literal), internal (emotional), or philosophical (deeper) dimensions involved.

Guide: The business acts as a guide, offering empathy and authority to lead the customer towards a solution.

Plan: Providing a clear, simple plan that guides the customer on how to engage with the business, and achieve the desired outcome.

Call to Action: Direct and transitional calls to action motivate the customer to take the first step.

Avoiding Failure and Achieving Success: Illustrate the risks of inaction and the rewards of following the plan, balancing the narrative's tension.

Application in content marketing

By inviting customers into a story where they are the hero and the business is the guide, will ensure that the marketing message is both engaging and effective.