Be seen as the Likeable Experts to attract ideal clients

What is your superpower?

If you wish to be seen as an authority for what you do, then it’s vital that you have a primary proposition for the services or products that you sell – so that people can clearly understand what you specialise in.

Your proposition will articulate the main overriding solution that you provide, and why your ideal customers should consider dealing with you specifically. This doesn’t have to be a totally unique reason, just a genuine benefit of dealing with your business.

This is an essential part of being seen as Likeable Experts, which will help you to attract more enquiries or transactions from applicable people.


Primary solution

Once you know what you’re all about, and the ideal clients you’re going to be helping – clarify their main and secondary problems or needs – the results they seek….. then your primary and secondary solution/s.

You need to be able to separate yourself from competitors by outlining your ‘better way’ primary¬† transformational solution.¬† This and any secondary solutions can then be communicated via useful content, and in your own authentic way.

We normally recommend:

  • Strategy review
    • Clarify primary proposition + solution/s
    • Identify ideal clients
    • Plan sales funnel process

We review your objectives and provide our recommendations accordingly, for your consideration.