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A good content marketing strategy

Is about the transformations you provide:
  • What you’re trying to change for people
  • Who that’s a good deal for
  • And exactly what you plan to step them through to achieve the desired outcome

Strategy comes first

The number one reason that strategy breaks down, is because it’s simply not compelling in the first place

The story you tell – if at all, is uninteresting.

So if you’re undertaking any content marketing, and you’re wondering why you can’t get your value back – it’s potentially because what you’re talking about – might be sensible and correct, but uninspiring!

Interesting is NOT a matter of just being cool or clever though!

What IS interesting – is to be authentic, intentioned, and useful – and be seen as the Likeable Experts at what you do.

This is the content that gets engaged with, encourages people to take action, and moves them down the sales funnel process.

So it’s vital to be seen as the Likeable Experts – real people, trying to do a real thing – that’s useful in their lives.

Here’s a four part strategy which will break that down, so you can improve the quality of your content marketing strategy
The first question is – Who are you?

Not who are you as a business – what you sell and what are your services, but what is your core belief set for your business, and the market you’re in.

This encompasses:

  • Noise: There are often distracting options available in your market e.g. high profile competitors, AI or any other latest innovations, marketing choices, software, events
    • For your ideal clients – this market ‘noise’ can get in the way of them making a clear decision
  • The Truth – essential facts: things you’re going to contend with in your marketplace. You should incorporate telling people what your Truth is, as appropriate
    • For your ideal clients – there are some hardcore truths they must acknowledge if they are going to do well
  • Your Belief set – perspective: this is what you believe is possible in the marketplace, for your ideal clients [i.e. your ‘why’, your ‘better way’]
    • Your assessment of the noise and the truth has led you to a certain set of beliefs that will get them un-stuck

That’s who you are!

What do you do?

This is not about your types of services that you offer – this is about the client related overriding goal you’re trying to accomplish…. which you’re working on as a business

  • There’s a thing you’re trying to shift or change – and you need to be open about telling that story
  • These are not sales goals, these are the number of clients (businesses or people) changed, or the number of changes made for each client
  • So it’s about the transformation that you’re making in the marketplace – which is more than ‘sell stuff’
  • And clear about how you want to measure that progress
Who do you serve?

Envisage: a specific example ideal client most impacted by the primary solution you offer

  • Then imagine speaking with 10 more of them – having a round-table conversation about the thing you’re trying to get done in the marketplace
    • They are sitting there – completely engaged by the environment you’ve created. Not only are they excited to engage in your content, they are excited to engage with each other.
  • and then envisage communicating to 100 of these people who are keen to receive your relevant information – via an email campaign, or presenting to them as an audience
  • So who are they (e.g industry or demographic), and where did they come from (e.g. location)?
  • So that when you find them – you’ll know exactly who they are

Bottom line – you need to know who your solution is a good deal for – your ideal customer avatar, and how you’ll find them, and communicate to them – individually or collectively.

The trick is you’re going to have to identify and find your ideal clients – before they are going to be able to find you!

How will you serve them?

This is about the specific steps that you execute as part of your solution – based on:

  • Your primary (transformational) productised service offering/s
  • Which can incorporate multiple services or processes that you offer, packaged as a ‘Productised Service’ which provides a solution to their needs
  • Where you go through steps 1, 2, 3, etc – in order to get them to the end goal of the transformation solution that you offer
  • Some businesses e.g. lawyers – with very siloed services relating to different types of law, may choose to create a separate transformation service for each

Your compelling strategy

So before creating any content, you should be clear about the:

  1. Context of the marketplace
  2. Your intention – what you’re trying to change (fix or improve)
  3. Who that’s a good deal for
  4. And exactly what you plan to step them through, as they work with your business

This transitions you from the conventional wisdom – which is:

  • We sell stuff, we think it’s cool, you should buy it.

Into an open invitation to specific people – to experience the thing (transformational offering) that you can help them achieve.

  • There’s a story that you’re telling as a business, and you want to invite your best clients into that story

That’s what makes content marketing work. That’s how to make it compelling.

  • NOT – just cool or clever
  • INSTEAD – Authentic, intentioned, useful – and be seen as the Likeable Experts at what you do
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