Content Creation & Marketing

The content you provide in your website and other mediums is how you demonstrate that you’re an authority for what you do, in order to attract more of your ideal clients.

When you attract new clients and help serve existing ones, by providing useful engaging information and a clear primary proposition – you’ll substantially improve your online sales and service.

Content creation

We create or curate concise multimedia (text/image/video) content – and use that in layouts which are easy to navigation, and display responsively on desktop or mobile devices.

The content needs to also have clear conversion calls to action options (phone, email, form, booking calendar, shopping cart) – plus be compliant with on-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) criteria.

Good content and design will:

  • Clarify the primary proposition of what you sell and why deal with you
  • Look modern and be easy to navigate on various size screens
  • Attract more viewers from search results
  • Make the most of any paid traffic applicable from search or social advertising
  • Encourage a greater conversion response of people taking action – enquiry or transaction

Content marketing

This relates to the distribution of your content, to increase visibility and audience engagement.

For example we can create and publish social media or email campaign teaser information with links to your website content.

We can create videos and a YouTube channel, to assist people searching online, plus incorporate those videos into website content.

Your content can also be repurposed into e.g. PDFs, book, or course – to be used as a lead-magnet or information product. This confirms your expertise and authority for the services or products you sell.

We normally recommend:

  • Content Plan – for all page and post content
    • Based on Strategy
  • Home page
    • With image/links to other pages
  • Including link to actual primary solution/s
  • Services & About pages
  • Pages or posts specific to target search terms
    • Relating to service provided, and geographic area of market
  • Incorporate call/s to action – enquiries
  • Contact page
    • Call Tracking – dynamically displayed special phone number
    • Enquiry capture form – with conversion tracking
  • Blog posts – for communicating point of view, perspective, other relevant info, and news
  • Arrange multimedia content requirements
    • text, images + optional photography or video providers if desired
  • Publish Social Media content
    • Create and publish social media teaser posts – linked to blog posts
Other options include:

  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Create or outsource Videos – for content and YouTube channel
  • Alternative landing pages for online ads
  • Product content
  • Offers – coupons
  • Membership restricted content
  • Online courses
  • Email marketing
    • Opt-in lead magnet information
    • Email list management
    • Email campaigns
      • Content linking to blog posts
  • Information products – Coaching, Webinars, Online courses, Podcasts, and Ebooks.
  • Online website chat
    • Text based, or Video
  • Social media management
    • Social scheduler for publishing posts to multiple accounts
    • Facebook group
  • SMS campaigns