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Did you know that the reason the date of Easter moves around – is that it’s aligned with the fourth Full Moon of the year?

And did you know it’s believed that a Full Moon can bring on an increase in drinking, surprise guests, or other unexpected situations?!?

Well we encountered the last one of those this Easter….

On Thursday, just prior to the long weekend – we had a task to set up some website functionality for a client. It involved requirements similar to that which we’ve dealt with before: access to website content based on membership levels.

However in this instance there were multiple levels, and the content was not suited to an all or nothing access situation – like course information or member’s only blog posts.

That’s because the content is poems, where it’s ideal for people to see some of the details – but not all, so they can determine if they like and connect with what’s being said.
Purchasing an applicable membership then enables people to fully view hundreds of poems relating to their respective level of access.

Plus we’ve also started creating content ‘products’ to be made available for various poems – such as downloadable PDFs, audio tracks, paid links to video readings, and print on demand items e.g. posters.
These purchase options need to show regardless of any subscription level.

All this sounded straight forward enough, due to our experience with similar requirements….. but instead of taking one day – it was two and a half days later….. Easter Saturday – before the functionality and implementation process was resolved.

That’s an unexpected ‘rabbit hole’ right there!…. but a least all sorted. Phew.

So even if the functionality requirements to provide suitable options for your customers are inadvertently complex – we’re up for the challenge. We just won’t schedule the development for the day prior to Easter!

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