Your website content is an online asset that adds value to your business

‘Likeable Expert’ refers to a strategy of attracting the specific type of customers you prefer, by investing in engaging information that’s relevant to them – so that you’re seen as an authority for the products or services you sell.

It works because people are attracted to businesses that deliver value to them up-front by way of free useful informative content. They appreciate and trust dealing with likeable experts, and are consequently more likely to do business with you than a competitor.

  • Your content credibility is also recognised by Google, giving you improved ranking in search results
  • Any Adwords pay per click advertising you do will also benefit from your improved search ranking, by rewarding you with better rates and positioning of the adverts on the search results page

Content options include detailed pages or shorter blog post articles; containing a mix of text, photos, graphics, video, links, etc

  • We work with you to confirm what useful content and keywords are applicable to your targeted customers
  • Topics can include a deeper explanation of your products or services, latest news, featured examples of people benefiting from what you sell, FAQs, or point of view
  • On-page SEO criteria is incorporated, to focus on getting search recognition for the primary keywords concerned
  • Social media posts can be quickly generated, linked to this content – to further increase exposure and search credibility

Options for content creation

  • Clients I’ve provided instruction to for creating their own content have normally ended up too busy to do so
  • See what suits you, but the most efficient approach is generally for us to create the content for you
  • If so, we produce a draft for your approval based on any suggested topic, text, and image requirements
  • A schedule of topics can also be established, so that we consistently publish website content and associated social media posts

If you’re flat out, and have no foreseeable reason to seek more enquiries – that’s fine

  • Just be aware that circumstances can change and if you wish to expand or pivot into new services, it helps if you have a good base of content and search credibility to begin with

Even one new content item a month will have the cumulative effect of adding value and effectiveness to your website and business

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