Provide useful information

Content creation is the development of useful information that’s valuable and engaging to your audience.
Content marketing is the distribution of your content to increase visibility and audience engagement.

Communicate useful and engaging information for your target audience

  • Content Plan – initial and ongoing requirements for page and post content
  • Content creation – text, images, video, photography, graphic design
  • Cornerstone page content e.g. services offered, named and packaged as appropriate, coaching
  • Blog posts – for communicating point of view, perspective, miscellaneous relevant info, and news
  • Meet on-page SEO criteria for search recognition
  • Additional keyword based content to improve search rankings
  • Responsive, engaging content design – layout and styling
  • Create and offer content items as email opt-in lead magnets
  • Create online promotional offerings – for services or products
  • Videos – for content and YouTube channel
  • Information products – Coaching, Webinars, Online courses, Podcasts, and Ebooks.
Content Marketing